Visual Pain Tool Badgie™ Card


SKU: PABC-240-H Healthcare Inspirations

  • A friendly and inviting design is easily understood by patients of all ages and cultures.
  • Easy reference cards easily attach with most existing identification cards and lanyards.
  • Improves patient safety through more consistent pain assessment.
  • The front of our Badgie™ Card includes an adult assessment scale (0-10) and also the WONG-BAKER® Scale for children as young as 3, non-verbal, cognitively impaired patients.
  • The back of our Badgie™ Card includes a FLAAC Scale, a behavior pain assessment scale used to evaluate pain for non-verbal patients.
  • By custom order, we can add the Braden Scale® to the back of our Visual Pain Tool Badgie™ Cards.
  • Sold in packs of 25 Badgie™ Cards