Visual Pain Assessment

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The Joint Commission® requires that a patient's physical pain be assessed and reassessed in an ongoing manner. Our pain tools are the best way to measure, communication, and document patient pain levels.

Your patients will be able to communicate their level of pain by referring to the measurement gauge (adults) or descriptive faces (perfect for children or the cognitively impaired). Our Pain Assessment Tool, Badige™ Card and Pocket-Guide to Pain Assessment all include the FLAAC Scale, a behavior pain assessment scale that is used to evaluate pain in non-verbal patients.


  • Friendly and inviting design that is easily understood by patients of all ages and cultures
  • English/Spanish translation (Pain Assessment Tool & Pocket-Guide to Pain Assessment)
  • Full-color printing with thick glossy lamination and rounded safety corners
  • FLACC Scale (Pain Assessment Tool, Badgie™ Card, and Pocket-Guide to Pain Assessment)
  • 2 Storage Options: Acrylic Wall Frame for the Pain Assessment Tool and a Pear Clip for the Pocket-Guide to Pain Assessment.